PX90 Workout Review

PX90 Workout Review

Does PX90 really work?  See my PX90 workout review below!

Let me start by introducing myself.  My name is Brooks, I reside in North Idaho.  I decided to share with the world my experience with PX90 by giving a PX90 workout review.  I am assuming you are here because you saw the PX90 infomercial on TV or heard about it from a friend.  It’s perfectly understandable that you are being a little hesitant to pull the trigger for something you saw an infomercial on.  To be honest, the first few times I tried PX90 I borrowed it from a friend.  There was no way I would have actually just went out and bought it on my own.

I am really excited you are here.  I am going to share a lot of information with you today about the PX90 workout program.  PX90 does have some faults, but overall you are probably going to like what you see and hear.  I am a very normal guy, I am not a super athlete or a fitness expert.  I am providing you this information based on my actual experience with the PX90 workout program.  You see so many reviews online these days where you can tell the person has not even tried the PX90.  They just read a few lines at another site, then rehash and re-post the information.  Not here, I am going to show you my actual pictures and share with you my actual experiences with this program.

The whole reason I am here is to help people.  I have helped a couple of my friends get on the right track with the PX90 program and they are really starting to see some great results.  If I can just help one person out there get started with this, than I have really accomplished a lot.  I want to help you be healthier, more confident and look your absolute best.  Check out the links below for some additional resources as you read the PX90 workout review.

PX90 Workout Review – Overview

I am going to start this out by simply going over each video that the program comes with.  I am just going to give you a brief description of each one.  If you want more specific information about each workout, simply click the workout to be taken to a page that will give you each exercise within that workout along with some videos.

You can also check out the video below for some sample workouts from the PX90 workout program DVD’s.

If you really don’t care about each PX90 workout, scroll down below to see my before and after (so far) pics.

PX90 Chest And Back

The chest and back was one of the most challenging for me.  Going into PX90 I could only do about a half of a pull up, I could not believe how these guys could do so many.  You are going to be putting a pounding on your chest and back by doing a lot of push up and pull up variations.

PX90 Plyometrics

Plyo is definitely a tough workout.  Your legs are going to feel like Jello after this one.  This workout focuses on getting your feet off the ground.  You will be doing a bunch of jumping type exercises to help with your explosion.  Don’t worry, if you have bad knees or ankles, Tony is great about giving you variations to each workout that works for you.

PX90 Shoulders And Arms

You will be working your shoulders, biceps and triceps in this workout and in that order.  You will work those muscles out and then repeat each set of three.  There are a total of 5 different sets that you will do.  I promise after this workout you will have serious problems getting a glass out of a cupboard.

PX90 Legs And Back

A lot like Plyo your legs are going to be gone after this workout.  This one focuses more on the deep muscle in your legs.  Your going to be doing a lot of squats and leg focused workouts.  Your heart rate will bump up a little bit, but this is more of a leg muscle focused workout and less of a cardio.

PX90 Kenpo X

Kenpo is one of the more fun workouts in the PX90 program.  You will be kicking and punching the fat off your body.  Even though I don’t feel like this workout made me the most tired, it made me sweat more than any workout.  It’s a fantastic change in pace with the martial art style of workout.  Pulls you away from the typical weight/cardio type training.

PX90 X Stretch

This will be a bit of a break.  It usually comes when you really need it the most.  Your body is going to be hurting and you will appreciate the day that you only have to do X stretch.  This is great for loosening up your muscles and working on your overall flexibility.

PX90 Core Synergistics

Core synergistics focuses primarily on your abs, but in an indirect way.  The theory behind this workout is to increase your overall core strength to increase your overall body strength.  Your core is right in the middle and is the focus point for many things we do on a daily basis.  This is a great workout to get an indirect focus on your overall core strength.

PX90 Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

This is another great upper body workout.  You are hitting two huge muscle groups hard, chest and shoulders.  You also will work the smaller but important triceps.  You will be amazed how much getting your triceps stronger makes you look and feel.  Especially when doing pushups.

PX90 Back And Biceps

Get ready to do a whole lot of pull ups, don’t worry Tony shows you how to do these with bands if you don’t have a pull up bar and if you can’t do a full pull up a way to help you with that.  That’s how I had to start, with a chair to assist me.  You are also going to be targeting one of the glamor muscles, the ever famous bicep.  Your biceps are going to be gone after this workout!

PX90 Cardio X

This was probably overall my least favorite PX90 workout.  At first it was great, but as the workouts went on, it really didn’t feel like it was doing a lot for me.  It was becoming too easy.  Don’t tell Tony, but I actually started replacing this workout with some of the other Beachbody INSANITY workouts.  If you want sweat, that will get it done!

PX90 Ab Ripper X

Another one of my least favorite workouts.  Only because it is an ab focused workout.  It’s just a personal thing with me, it’s hard for me to do abs.  This is actually a fantastic ab workout and is only 16 minutes long.  It’s tough sometimes because you have to do it after some of your other workouts.  This was definitely a love hate.

That is a wrap up of all the 12 DVD’s the program will come with.  I will be talking more about them all in my review, but if you want to read more about them click the link below.  I will go over each exercise inside of each workout.

Click Here Now To See All The Exercises.

Now that you know a little about all the workouts you can relate a little bit when I talk about them in my overall review.

PX90 Workout Review

My PX90 Journey

Alright, this is the part of this I was absolutely dreading.  I am going to show you my before picture.  I think it’s important that when you read a review, that you understand that the person reviewing the product has actually used it.  I am going to show you below how I looked back in January of 2011.  Here goes nothing.  Click the pic to make it bigger.

Okay, there I am.  That was me before.  I know I was not morbidly obese or anything, but I used to be in pretty good shape back in high school.  I am now 27 and have not done a whole lot over the last 5 years or so to stay in shape.  I want you to see the miracles that PX90 did for me over the next 3 months.  Are you ready?

To preface a little bit why I started the PX90 program.  My daughter came up to me one day while I had my shirt on and said it looks like I have a pumpkin in my tummy.  This was the last straw for me, I decided enough was enough and that I needed to do something.

I started off with the PX90 workout that is developed to get you lean.  I wasn’t really trying to build muscle yet.  Here is what I looked like after 2 months…

What a change huh?  I thought I was starting to look pretty good, so I started doing the flexing pose.  You can see from right to left on the top, this was not flexing, just standing letting it hang out.  To the right of that one I was flexing my abs.  Then you can see on the bottom the arm flex from front and back.  You can see I have a lot more definition in my back and arms.  Overall I had definitely lost a lot of weight.  At the time this pic was taken I had lost about 50 pounds, in only 2 months!  My friend I had not seen in a long time gave me a hug and told me that I felt like nothing.  I took this to heart and decided it was time to flip my workout schedule and start focusing on adding muscle.  So after another month check out what I was able to accomplish with the PX90 workout program below.

You can really tell, especially in the shoulders and arms that I had really started putting muscle back on.  I actually gained 3 pounds in this month from putting muscle on.  I was not focused on losing weight anymore, I just wanted to add more muscle.  I think you can see from these results that the PX90 workout program really works.  I am not paid by PX90 to do an infomercial, I was not given a personal coach to make sure I did everything right.  I didn’t take videos everyday and get promised free stuff.  I am just a normal guy that made the decision to do it, and I did.  I bought the program over the phone just like you would.  I put the DVD into my player every day and hit start, just like you will.  This is a real review from a real guy.  I still have a ways to go, but I just have to keep going.  Here are a couple more pics 2 weeks after the ones above.


You can see that I have a lot more definition in my abs and my chest.  Overall my chest is definitely the part that I have enjoyed filling out the most.  I am incredibly happy with what PX90 has been able to do for me!

PX90 Workout Review

PX90 Diet And Nutrition

Let me start by saying, it’s not easy.  Anyone that tells you something like this is easy, needs a reality check.  But at the same time, it’s more than possible.  Most people absolutely dread the nutrition part of a workout.  The PX90 nutrition and diet information was awesome, but I didn’t stick to it all the time.  I even had lots of nights with Pizza and fast food.  I probably would have seen much better results without these things, but I was still able to do it with them.  I did not eat those things every night and did have to make a lot of sacrifices in what I ate, but I didn’t have to give them up completely.  We still ate “junk” food 2-3 times a week.

I did start drinking a protein supplement, I simply could not get enough protein into my body by just eating.  I purchased a powder mix and mixed it with fat free milk every morning and sometimes at night after my workout.  These are quite filling and provide the important protein your body needs to really build muscle.

We started eating a lot of chicken and made sure when we made meals at home, that we made less.  It’s too easy to over eat when your wife makes 3 nights worth of food.  It’s nice having left overs, but the problem is you stuff yourself if it’s available.  We started making small meals so we could only have so much during dinner.  We also made sure to always workout before we ate.  Try to have something filling around lunch time, so you can workout without eating first.  There is something about completing a workout then eating.  I promise you if you workout before you eat, you will eat better.   You just worked your butt off, the last thing you want to go and do is reverse everything you just did by going and eating a bunch of crud.  Also, your metabolism is way up after you workout, so you burn the calories faster.

Sorry I got a little off track the actual subject here, which is the PX90 diet and nutrition plan.  I will be honest, it’s not always easy to follow a super strict diet plan.  And it’s hard to keep up on all the ingredients for some of the crazy stuff they suggest you make.  We pulled a lot of excellent recipes and ideas out of the plan, but we never stuck to it 100%.  It’s great to have and you will benefit from it, but as a family of 4 it’s not always possible to stick to it 100%.

When it comes down to you, you just have to be smarter.  You don’t have to give everything up, you just have to be smarter about it.  Have 3 slices of pizza, not 5.  Get a burger, but lay off the fries.  Have water with lemon instead of a huge soda.  Simple small changes like these will work wonders for you!

I also decided to give shakeology a try, but I actually wrote a separate review for that, so if you want to read more about that.  Click the link below.

Check out my shaekology review here!

PX90 Workout Review

The PX90 Workouts – Do you best and forget the rest.

I’m not gonna lie.  This PX90 is going to kick your butt hard the first few weeks.  I give you my word that it will get easier.  If you can battle through the first few weeks of the PX90 workout program, the effects from doing it are going to be awesome.  My first week I didn’t know how I was going to live.  I was sore in EVERY part of my body.  Between the plyo workouts and the muscle building parts, it was sheer torture.  After the first couple of weeks that muscle soreness goes away and you start to feel stronger.  It’s a great feeling to put in hard work on a workout like that, then go look in the mirror and see the wonderful things your doing to your body.  Just get through the first few weeks and you will be hooked!

The PX90 program is based off of something called muscle confusion.  So just when you think your muscles are starting to get used to the workouts, Tony changes it up on you.  You will experience some soreness, but nothing like your first few weeks.  It’s nice though, because you really feel it working.  You can tell by switching the workouts up, your body doesn’t get a chance to ever really adjust.  Having this little bit of soreness is a constant reminder of your body getting into better shape.

I would be a liar if I told you that I never missed a workout with PX90.  I did.  The thing you really need to remember is that missing a PX90 workout here and there is not going to sabotage your workout, it’s when you take a week or 2 weeks off.  If you do this, it’s almost like completely starting over.  I did it twice actually.  I strongly recommend never taking more than 2 days off in a row.  It’s easy to recover from, but do not let it last more than a couple days.

The great thing about the workouts is Tony himself.  I actually found myself laughing out loud to some of the things he said, and even repeating some of his lines to friends.  People thought I was crazy, but Tony has a great way to get you motivated and make it fun at the same time.  His best line is…  “Do your best and forget the rest”.  I honestly had to live by this the first 2 months of the program.  I could not do very many push ups or pull ups.  I had terrible form on a lot of the moves.  But Tony kept saying “Do your best and forget the rest”.  This always made me feel better.  I did the best I could, and slowly started getting better.  It can be discouraging at first not being able to do these things, but Tony constantly reminds you it’s ok.  The majority of people out there can not do these things, but you will be able to if you just keep at it.

Tony uses his PX90 DVD’s to make up a couple of different types of workouts.

  • PX90 Lean – This workout program will be more cardio focused and help you shed the fat.
  • PX90 Classic – This is the best of both worlds, you get a great combination of cardio and muscle building.
  • PX90 Doubles – This is the two a day and most hardcore version.  It’s called doubles because you are going to have two a day workouts.  This is only for the super focused.

I chose to start with the PX90 lean program.  I really wanted to burn some fat, once I got to a reasonable weight, I started using the PX90 classic program.  That is one of the great things about PX90, it’s flexibility.  You can follow to a T, or you can creatively create your own workout.  It’s best if you can follow PX90 exactly how Tony shows you, but if you want you can make it your own.  I did a Lean/Classic Hybrid.

If your like me, your going to be really intimidated by a workout program like PX90.  In the PX90 infomercial you see people doing push ups and pull ups, you see them doing advanced moves.  I am here to tell you IT”S OK!  For anything that is difficult Tony gives you variations to use until you work up the strength to do them correctly.  Take pull ups for example.  When I first started I could get about half way up on a pull up and then I could not get the rest of the way.  I knew going into this that I had to do pull ups.  Right away Tony showed me how to use a chair to help myself.  For the first 2 months I had to always use the chair.  I can now do 11 pull ups all on my own.  I still use the chair, but only about half of the time.  He even shows you how to use the bands if you don’t have a pull up bar.  There is a way for you to do it, and Tony will hold your hand through it.

Don’t let PX90 intimidate you.  It was developed and made with the “normal” person in mind.  Anyone can start this.  It doesn’t matter if you have bad knees or a bad back, Tony will help you!

PX90 Workout Review

PX90 Equipment – What do I need to get started with PX90?

Here is another reason I think a lot of people don’t even give PX90 a try.  They think they have to invest in hundreds of dollars in equipment to get started.  That is simply not true.  You could put that much money out if you want to, but it’s completely not necessary.  Here are the things I started with below.

  • Resistance Bands
  • PX90 Workout Program 12 DVD Set

That’s it.  All I started with was the resistance bands and the PX90 workout DVD’s.  Over the months I slowly started adding dumbbells and I even purchased a pull up bar.  But to get started you really don’t need all of that.  If you have a little extra money and you want to hit the ground running, I have compiled a list of things that I think will help you out.  Again, these things are NOT necessary, but can make the PX90 workout program slightly more effective.

Click here to see what PX90 equipment you can get to optimize the PX90 workout program.

PX90 Workout Review – Conclusion

It’s not going to be super easy, but it is certainly very attainable.  I have a family and a full time job, but I still found time to get it done.  This is just my first round of doing the PX90 workout program  I am going to start another round soon, and I plan on sharing that with everyone.  I will be adding a ton of content to this site, not just of my results but also my best practices and ideas to help get people motivated and achieve their goals.

Click Here To See My PX90 Fitness Guide And Tips So You Can Hit The Ground Running!

PX90 Workout Review



What is PX90, Does PX90 Work? Find Out Now!

by PX90 on October 28, 2012

What is PX90, Does PX90 work?

If you have ever asked the question does PX90 work or what is PX90 then you have come to the right place!

What is PX90?

So you have heard people talking about it, you finally decided to ask, what is PX90? I’m so very glad you have asked the question. PX90 is an incredible body transforming workout program. It’s fun, it’s intense but better than all that, it works. I have been doing PX90 for over 2 years now, and the results I have gained from it are astonishing.

Before we get too far, I want you to check out my PX90 review below. You can read the rest of this if you want, but if you want all the specifics of how PX90 works and what’s included, check out my full PX90 review below.

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What Is PX90? Click Here Now To See My Full PX90 Review!

What is PX90? It’s a 90 day body transforming workout program that is going to make you incredibly happy that you asked this question in the first place. If you are finally ready to take the steps you need to get your body in shape, then PX90 is going to help you get there.

PX90 is a world class workout program where you are going to be coached by Tony Horton. Tony makes working out fun and is going to keep you motivated. PX90 is a perfectly balanced workout regimen that combines cardio and strength training. It does not matter if you are a male or female, PX90 is going to whip you into shape! Check out the 12 workouts included with PX90 below.

  • Chest + Back – including different push-ups and pull-ups
  • Plyometrics – these are intended to imitate moves you may do in sports. Not included in the lean P90X workout
  • Shoulders + Arms – curls and rows to develop your muscles
  • Yoga X – this is for flexibility, which may be more important than you think
  • Legs + Back – squats and leans to develop your quads and calfs
  • Kenpo X – a type of martial arts involving punches and kicks. Constant movement, great for losing fat
  • Core Synergistics – from a strong core, everything else follows…
  • Chest, Shoulders + Triceps – more tough workouts and a new focus on triceps
  • Back + Biceps – includes lower back, an important area that many complain about
  • Cardio X – a lighter cardio workout
  • Ab Ripper X – crunches of all styles make this the big dog of ab workouts
  • X Stretch – an optional stretch workout that is great to do on the ‘rest’ days.

PX90 has changed my life in so many ways. As a matter of fact, you can check out my full PX90 review by clicking the link below. Check out my before and after pictures and see why you need to jump on the PX90 band wagon now. People are going nuts over this program, and it’s no mystery why, because PX90 works!

What is PX90? It’s amazing, and I promise you will always regret it if you don’t give it a shot.

What is PX90, Does PX90 Work?

I don’t think I have ever had to answer a more simple question than Does PX90 work? It’s simple, the answer is yes. Check out my before and after pictures below. PX90 is going to completely change you after 90 days. Not only are you going to look better, but your going to feel better. Your going to add years to your life, don’t you owe your family that much?

what is px90


Yes, that’s really me. No, I am not one of those people that went from 300 pounds over weight to cut and trim in 90 days. I was heading that way though, I was getting very out of shape and over weight. I stuck to PX90 for 90 days and look what happened! I was able to trim a  bunch off my waist and my muscles began to show. This worked for me and I promise that PX90 will work for you!

What is PX90?




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